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Benelli Rifles & Shotguns is an Italian gun maker that has been producing quality shotguns since the early 20th century. Their first model, the Benelli M1, was released in 1967 and featured a patented inertia recoil system. This system reduced felt recoil and made it easier to cycle the action of the shotgun. Since then, they have released numerous models of shotguns with varying features and price points.Our Benelli Shotguns Prices are fair and reasonable. Most popular models: M2 Tactical Shotgun , Vinci Tactical Shotgun , Super Vinci Tactical Shotgun , Nova Pump-Action Shotgun, 828 U Shotguns,BE.S.T. Lupo Bolt-Action Rifle, M2 Field Shotguns , ETHOS Sport Shotguns. If you are looking to buy Benelli Rifles and Benelli shotguns online from B-firearms, be rest assured our team will guide you through. Buy your dream hunting or home defense Benelli Rifle or Benelli shotgun online. Our experts on a 24/7 livechat will assist you through out the process. See you at Checkout

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Top brands

Why Buy a Benelli Firearm Online?

Benelli firearms are well-known for their safety features. They are easy to use, especially for new shooters and those who have never used them before. This makes them great for people who want to learn how to shoot a gun or just want an affordable option that they can use at home or while hunting.

Benelli Rifles & Shotguns

Buying a Benelli firearm online is also very convenient. There are many different types of guns on the market today, so finding one that works best for you can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. Purchasing online allows you to easily compare prices and features so that you can find exactly what you need without having to go anywhere else!

Benelli Firearms Safety

Benelli firearms are known for their reliability, durability and accuracy. They have been a leader in the firearms industry for over 100 years. Benelli was founded by Pietro Benelli back in 1876 when he started making a variety of weapons including shotguns and rifles. In the early 1900’s Benelli began making military-style shotguns which they are still famous for today.

How To Buy A Gun Online

Buying a Benelli firearm online is also very convenient. If you can it the product to your cart, then it is in stock. Our gun shop offers the best Benelli rifles and shotgun prices. Simply add your desired Benelli rifle online or shotgun to your cart and proceed to checkout.

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